Becoming a dragonborn


Weapons: Warhammer, scale mail, light crossbow, priests pack,




I have always carried an attitude true to my Outlander beginnings. Living off the land but enjoying the company of fellow creatures. As a human came upon a job that seemed to suit my interests in both hard work and bonding with others. I worked tirelessly in the dwarvian mines.
At first it was a jolly brother/ sisterhood of other hardworking folk. But at some point I sensed that there was some shady business amongst my fellow co-workers. I attempted to keep my suspicions at bay as much as possible to enjoy my day to day life.
However, one day I uncovered an unusually unnatural object on my daily mining trip. This object resembled what could only be described as a giant egg, crimson in color and about a foot tall, like a dragon egg.
I knew this was far too valuable to reveal to my co-workers, whom I did not trust. And so I brought the egg shaped object to a remote cave area where I could examine without attention. the next morning I awoke from the cave and I didn’t feel quite right. I went over to the waters edge outside the cave to find that I had become Dragonborn overnight. I didn’t know what had become of me in my reflection I resembled a dragon but a sported no tail. In an attempt to fit in more I created a faux tail to look more legitimate and this metal tail device became a secret storage to keep my magical egg safe and away from those who may not be trusted.

Crossing Paths

Friend Wisp felt compelled to return to the min + wisp fell back at seeing me as a dragon.

Wisp then told Valarynna about me being a dragonborn, that made her suspicious of me.


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