The Curse of Strahd

The Basment of the Death House

Previously the party had come to the village of Barovia, possibly under false pretense as they discover contradictory letters from the town’s now deceased Burgomaster. They found the town empty save a old lady selling pastries and where drawn by the mists in to old house. They explored the old row house at the behests to two children Rose and Thorn, who feared a monster in the basment. Though they truly had nothing to fear as they had died years ago, from starvation after being forgteen locked in the attic.

Fearing abonment the ghosts possessed members of the party. The party with the aid of Rose and Thorn found a secret stair leading into the basment, which appeared to contain living quarters for some kind of cult.

The dark tunnels echoed with an indecernable chanting, and as the party followed it they discover a new alley. A tiefling who was native to the land of Barovia, as he had grown older his devilish ancestory could no longer be hidden and he was driven out of the town of Valakie.

The party also faced and defeated unnatural horrors such as Grick, and ghouls. They managed to put the spirits of Rose and Thorn to rest by laying their bodies in the family crypts the party discovered.

Finally the party found a carved wooden monument that bore a striking resemblance to the odd silver coin they had found in this land. One hand rested on a wolf and the other held a swirling ball of clouds, when a curious rouge reached for the orb a half dozen shadowy ghosts attack the party.

With the help of the Cleric’s turn undead spell they manage to destroy the shadows and pause for rest. What else will they find? And will the survive to tell anyone about it?


Lotu Lotu

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