The Curse of Strahd

Day 2:

After defeating the shadows that emerged from the walls when the dwarven sorcerer Helga took the glass ball that had swirling clouds in it (she later discovered she could use it as a focus for her magic), the party continued to explor the rest of the basment. They encountered a mimic disguised as a door, to a bed camber, from which two ghouls emerged from the dirt walls.

After dispatching these undead the party divined, from the silver signet rings they still wore, and that Barakai pocketed, that they where the former Mr. and Ms. Durst, the lord and lady of the house.

Proceeding in to the sub-basment they found an assortment of disturbing artifacts. Helga was particularly drawn to a cloak made of undead skin, which she decided to start wearing. Proceeding to explore they discovered what looked like a prison where prehaps the cult kept it’s victims. They discovered a secrete door that lead to an alter.

As Barakai approached the alter the chanting changed to One must die! One must die! As it became apparent the heroes would not sacrifice one of their own on the alter the the house turned on them and a giant shambling mound rose to attack them. Our heroes fled up in the house to find it was now filled with smoke and swinging blades. Deftly defying death they scrambled out of the front door and turned to see the house had returned to an old decrepit ruin.

Now free to explore the dreary town of Barovia the fine adventures first set out to track down the pie lady as they thought their was something suspicious about her. They trailed and saw her take a child from a house apparently as payment for the pies. Using subterfuge they free the child, seven-year-old Lucian Jarov, while Valarynna trails the pie lady as she leave Barovia and proceeds down the Old Svalich Road. Though eventually unwilling to attack they old woman who appeared to present no immediate danger she let alone and returned to Barovia.

In the meantime the Barakai and the others returned Lucian to his parents whom were in some sort of trance from eating the pastries. When they where shaken out of state where they where happy to see their son returned, while the boys father Kobal cried at the sight of his son while the mother Mathilda simply sat their. Barakai threaten to kill the parents of they let the pie lady take their child again. Though he expressed unease that it would be an effective threat.

While Val was tracking the pie lady the rest of the party found a old lady willing in her house. Know as Mad Mary some effort the characters console her and discover that her daughter Gertruda has run away and Mary fears the worst. While promising to do something for Mary, they get the impression that Gertruda had been imprissioned in the house.

After this the heroes went to the Blood of the Vine Tavern, apparently the only such establishment in Bravoria they learned it was owed by three Vistani women Alenka, Miracle and Sorvia, who suggest the characters visit Madam Eva and have their fortunes read. They also meet Ismark Kolyanovich who asks the heros to meet him at his mansion to help his sister Ireena.

Before going to see Ismark the characters go to see Madam Eva who performs the Tarokka Reading. Now the sun beginning to set as the characters return to the town of Barovia.

The Basment of the Death House

Previously the party had come to the village of Barovia, possibly under false pretense as they discover contradictory letters from the town’s now deceased Burgomaster. They found the town empty save a old lady selling pastries and where drawn by the mists in to old house. They explored the old row house at the behests to two children Rose and Thorn, who feared a monster in the basment. Though they truly had nothing to fear as they had died years ago, from starvation after being forgteen locked in the attic.

Fearing abonment the ghosts possessed members of the party. The party with the aid of Rose and Thorn found a secret stair leading into the basment, which appeared to contain living quarters for some kind of cult.

The dark tunnels echoed with an indecernable chanting, and as the party followed it they discover a new alley. A tiefling who was native to the land of Barovia, as he had grown older his devilish ancestory could no longer be hidden and he was driven out of the town of Valakie.

The party also faced and defeated unnatural horrors such as Grick, and ghouls. They managed to put the spirits of Rose and Thorn to rest by laying their bodies in the family crypts the party discovered.

Finally the party found a carved wooden monument that bore a striking resemblance to the odd silver coin they had found in this land. One hand rested on a wolf and the other held a swirling ball of clouds, when a curious rouge reached for the orb a half dozen shadowy ghosts attack the party.

With the help of the Cleric’s turn undead spell they manage to destroy the shadows and pause for rest. What else will they find? And will the survive to tell anyone about it?

Journey to Barovia
Letters in different hands

Our heroes where relaxing in The Smiling Orge Tavern when a stranger walked in and presented them with a letter individually addressed to each of them by name sealed with unknown raven seal and signed Kolyan Indirovich. The letter pleased for the heroes to help save Ireena Kolyana of the town of Barovia. They characters tracked down ad questioned the man who was a Vistani Trader. He told them the at Barovia was beatifically land that laid just beyond the Saliviach wood, though no one the characters knew had ever heard of this town. Never the less the characters set off at first light in pursuit of adventure and gold.

The next day the musts sounded the heroes and when they awoke the wood where not the same. Having nothing no where left but forward, they proceeded in the direction they believed was Barovia, They encounter a huge iron gate flanged to two ruined statues. The gate swung open as the characters approached and closed behind them. Just past the gate the heroes found the week old corpse of commoner.

On the corpse they found a letter sealed in silver wax bearing a B. This letter was written in a different hand than also signed Kolyan Indirovich. It too said Ireena was in danger, elaborated that she had been bitten by a vampire but instead of pleading for aid it implored whomever found the letter to give them up for dead and stay out. The corpse also had a strange coin of unknown figure and dated with a non sensical year.

At this point the party was beset by Dire Wolves, and scrambled up trees. The Valorina used illusion magic to throw off the wolves, and the party proceed through the woods to find the village of Barovia

Barovia is a decrepit village of about 100 homes in the shadow of imposing castle. The characters discovered the Burgomaster is dead killed by “the devil Strahd”. The Rouge “Two” discovers a sweet old lady who sells him a mince meat pie, it was very tasty.

As they party went to explore the rest of the decrepit town the found two children Rose, and Thorn standing outside their house, afraid of the monster with it. Though when brought into the house the children vanished without a trace.

The house belonged to Durst family, who owned a windmill out side of town, and appears to have run some type of cult that sacrificed travelers in the basement. At one point the family locked their children in the attic “for their protection” and never came to check on them again. They starved to death up their.

The ghosts of Rose and Thorn still haunted the room but they where friendly and showed the characters the secrete passage to the basement. But when the party tried to leave they possessed Val and Two, in a desperate bit to not be left alone, perhaps they can be put to rest.

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